Lily Agresti- Handmade Mesh Purses

“I wish my original and unique pieces convey the same emotion that I experience each time I conclude one of my purses or necklaces, wondering a distinguished décolleté or decorating an elegant and delicate wrist ....., I’m sure you will not go unnoticed….”

Brand Concept

We may find the metal wire woven back into ancient cultures, from three hundred years before Christ and was produced within the entire Mediterranean area, spreading also in Africa, Asia and Americas. The middle Ages saw the rise of wire fabrics. To produce this kind of weaves, the artisans used a very rudimentary technique.

Lily Agresti, The Jeweller

From her early teens, she found an inner passion and became attracted by the traditional manual technique to produce metallic weaves. So she started designing different forms and inspirations related to the female world, creating her exclusive collection of mesh purses and necklaces integrally woven by hand, one by one, from a sketch jotted on paper and a long wire, going through the creation of the rings with a mix of pliers and finally assembled to match the original drawing.

Every time she concludes one of her pieces, she sees the perfect fusion between ancient art and its projection in prominent and original contemporary forms.