Jet Set was born in 2009. The brand came into being following an idea by Iryna Smyk Vezzoli of Castelli Calepio, a small town not far from the world’s style capital, Milan. Having worked for decades within the leather industry, Iryna wished to combine her technical knowledge with her free-flowing imagination and creativity to bring to life a new generation of accessories.

Iryna takes a piece of soft leather and from it reads a story, which she translates into a unique design for a belt using cutting edge techniques and an attention to detail that befits an expert in leatherwork. A leader of fashion rather than a follower, Iryna finds that her belts are sought by those for whom style is paramount.

Each collection is distinguished for its originality, and tiny details such as rivets or hammered metals bestow Jet Set’s creation with an individuality that will captivate the creative.

 Every Jet Set piece is made entirely by hand and with high-quality raw materials.