Aspell is a specialist company whose roots are in the small town of Bolgare, near Milan. Bolgare is the site of Milan’s international airport, and over the years it has developed as a centre for industry, with a heavy influence from the world fashion capital in close proximity.

Aspell was founded in 1984, and its modus operandi is to produce goods which are in conception, production and completion, ‘Made in Italy’. Italian style and Italian detail are integral to Aspell, and Aspell’s hallmark is a quality to which everyone at the company is dedicated.

Aspell takes classical belt designs, created to the highest possible standards, and adds embellishments and individual touches to make them an invaluable addition to any wardrobe. Even the raw materials are, where possible, Italian in origin, and this thoroughly Italian sensibility stands out in the matchless look and feel of Aspell products.

Founded on tradition and rooted in classical design and function, Aspell nonetheless embraces all that is modern in its belt designs, ensuring through continuing research and development that their product utilise the very latest in materials and technology. Aspell also prides itself on its responsiveness to its loyal client base and to the changing needs of the international market, and will continue to combine trusted production methods with the most up-to-date styling.