From the Italian tradition in fashion and the cult of details comes Terrida, the Venetian company that created a creed from handmade.
The history of Terrida begun in the seventies when Anna and Sergio Terrida started a craft production of leather goods, dedicating passion and innovative spirit.

Today Terrida is a well known brand for its high-quality travel bags, suitcases, handbags, backpacks using excellent materials to create a line that can be defined as luxury casual, whose production is MADE IN ITALY.

The passion for golf led Terrida to create a dedicated line for this sport, which has become essential in their production. Every single item is studied both in its capabilities and in its particularity. The bags and golf bags, as well as other articles are unique in diversity and imagination.

A mix of fashion and style, modernity and tradition, classic and timeless lines, attention to detail and seams are the characteristics that represent each Terrida product.