The Backpack and how it has evolved in time

Not long ago, it was regarded exclusively as an essential item for students, backpackers and hikers. However, its purpose has recently seen a radical change, as the backpack is now considered a fashion accessory that is incredibly practical, that makes an impact on an individual’s stylistic array. Considering the high demand and popularity, Bags and Arts has focused on this item as it is an essential that stands out in our catalogue of Italian Leather Backpacks.

The backpack offers an alternative to the purse or travel bag, with a wide range of different sizes. Some present coloured fabric, while others offer a much more casual and occasionally artistic approach to style; perhaps with the intention to mould a look tailored for a specific season or alternatively, to use across the year. There are also those manufactured using the best leather with natural tannins of organic and vegetable origins, with golden hardware of the highest quality, that are assembled with extensive care and with attention paid to the smallest of details. The result is a unique backpack of legitimate leather, to be used and enjoyed for several years.

The modern backpack - known as the rucksack - has not only evolved in regards to the materials used for its manufacturing, but also in its utility, as it allows an individual to transport more of their belongings in a much more comfortable and space-efficient way.

Advantages experienced by owners often vary according to the specific models and sizes, as smaller bags make it practical for one to safely carry essentials on a daily basis, whereas larger ones have more pockets, and therefore allow the individual to take more belongings with them without having to make a compromise at home.

It is therefore important to think carefully when picking a backpack, as it is crucial to select an adequate size that is the most compatible with one’s lifestyle, style and daily requirements; without leaving too much space or experiencing a lack of it.

Regarding the treatment of leather, it is important to point out that the chemically-free ecological principle - which includes vegetable extracts, and is environmentally friendly - has made leaps in the industry of Italian leather. The ‘Consorzio della Pelle Conciata al Vegetale’, encompasses those businesses that adhere to such said principle, and that treat the leather for their products adequately. It is for that reason that we include the label of origin in our catalogue of Italian leather handbags for Women and Men, as it certifies and guarantees the ecological treatment of the leather produced.

It is therefore interesting to consider that not only have there been advances in both technology and communications, which have impacted all industries, but also how much of an influence accessories like the backpack have had on the fashion sector; due to its flexibility in terms of transportation and utility, as well as the special touch it can offer to our overall style.

The variety of sizes makes it a personal, yet straight-forward decision for fashion lovers.

We will continue to update our blog readers and followers by offering tips and ideas that can prove useful when the time comes to make a purchase; whether that is a gift for a special occasion or the much more personal decision to change to a style that is both current and timeless.

Al Landau